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Cabin.42 are here to listen to you. By working together, we will help design and develop whatever it is you need. Branding, websites and social media are the online storefront for your company, so make yourself seen.

We can help your company step into the future with a rebrand, find and reach new clients with stunning leaflets and flyers or tailor a website that makes you stand out. 

Fast turnarounds, honest quotes and amazing quality designs.

Not sure what you need? Feel free to call us for a chat. We love to help and we love to connect with other businesses.

    Logo’s are the ident to your brand. The rest of your branding will be built around this, so make sure it’s a strong one! Take into consideration; typefaces, colour schemes and if you use a pictorial icon. We can design one for you from scratch or bring your idea to life.
    Branding is one of the most important aspects to establish when you start a business. It has to echo it's values, be appealing to the demographic you want to attract and be consistent from website to printed flyer. Branding incorporates: Logo, typefaces, colour schemes, photography styles, tone of voice in copywriting and style of infographics. We can create a style guide for your company that encompasses all over the above for your future endeavours.
    We create fully branded websites with basic SEO for amazing prices. These websites are designed through platforms such as Wix and Wordpress which result in amazing functionality and are tailored to suit your companies needs at minimal expense. Whether you need an online store, a website for your new restaurant or a redesign; get in touch. Website management? For a small fee we can update your site on a monthly basis. But if you’re happy to do the upkeep yourself, we can to record a tutorial so you can update the site content.
    Business Cards | Letterheads | Compliment Slips | Presentation Folders A lot of businesses have gone online now but don’t forget the humble business card! Using the logo and branding of your business as a basis, let us create bespoke business stationary to hold your important details in a printed format. Not sure about which paper stock, printing techniques and printers to use? We can advise you and will make sure your files are appropriately set up.
    Get your company seen with a printed flyer, a catalogue of your new products or advertise your event with a poster campaign. Know what you need but don’t know how to say it? At a small additional cost, we can provide the copywriting in the right tone of voice for your company.
    Let’s get your products on the shelves or online and catch your customers attention. Packaging should; echo the values of your brand, provide information on the product and make your dream customer want to buy it! We can design labels, boxes, tags- you name it, we’ll design it.
    FSDU’s and POS displays are used to promote your products in store. By utilising your brand and packaging, we can ensure your products stand out and grab the customers attention. Exhibition stands are just the same, we can source the photography, utilise your branding and design large scale displays for your product or company.
    Presentations are used to pitch projects or convey information. We can create branded templates so you can create and adapt your own; or, we’ll design the full presentation for you. Infographics, charts, text. Either as a powerpoint, PDF or both!
    Amazon is one of the most popular ways to sell products but that means you have some fierce competition. Stand out from the rest, put faith in your customer that your product is the one worth buying and let us create your images. We’ll do the research, base the images on your packaging, source lifestyle photography and even retouch your product photography. We also provide EBC (extra branded content) and can do the copywriting for you as a separate service.
    Having an updated social media presence is not only important to direct customers in the right direction but to show you are an active, modern business. The best way to do this is by updating your social media on a regular basis with eye catching and relevant posts. Talk to us about your target audience and what your goals are and then we can create effective branded posts and adverts.
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Costng & Payment


We charge on an hourly basis rather than per project as hiring a creative means paying for their time they put in your project, not just the final design.

To begin with, we’ll ask you a few questions about your project and ask your for a brief. After that we’ll give you an idea on the final costing. We usually ask for payment before we send the final files but on larger jobs then we’ll ask for an upfront deposit. This can be paid by bank transfer or Paypal.

Don’t let the hourly rate put you off- you’ll be surprised how efficient we are. Years of hard work have paid off both in speed and design results.

•  Hourly rate (don't worry, we're efficient)

•   Deposits required for larger projects

•  Estimated quote given at start of project

•  Transfer via BACs or PayPal

•  Final files supplied in all requested formats

•  All work is kept on file should you need

    additional work or amends in the future

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